Living smart & secured

Have you dreamed of the kind of life that you want your family to live in? Would it be something or somewhere where you get to live comfortably and work peacefully without having to worry about a lot of things at home, where everything is accessible within your reach. Who would not want that?

That’s how life at Aeon Bleu is visualized –a complete dream destination where you can live in convenience with a sense of privacy and security within the community. It’s property developer Aeon Luxe Properties, has always aimed to transform communities in Davao City by creating distinct projects and providing an innovative and memorable living experience for its residents.   

Here are two of the many good factors of why living in a community like Aeon Bleu would be a blissful experience for residents.

Smart and Sustainable Living

One of the best features Aeon Luxe Properties is flaunting in its properties are its state-of-the-art smart home features which will definitely be available in Aeon Bleu.

All of its condo units will be smarthome ready, equipped with an automation system where you get to access your lights, curtain or event the air-condition through your mobile phones.  Everything here is paperless as well as there will be a digital concierge available for you to get in touch with the property management’s services online. Working at the co-working spaces would be much convenient with its fiber optic cabling system that gives you a fast wi-fi connection all day.

In addition, the whole property will come equipped with green building technology that promotes sustainable living with energy-efficient features like the use of low-emissivity glass, solar power energy and sewerage treatment plant to name a few.

Aside from these features, living smart at this community applies to one’s lifestyle as well because of its easy access to mostly everything you need at home or for work and of course the amenities you will fully enjoy.

Secured Living

This six-building community may have provided the quality of life one needs when it comes to convenience for leisure and work, but the most important factor one could ever enjoy living here is the security it provides for everyone living in it.

Would it be very convenient and reassuring to know that even when you are away from home for a couple of weeks or months, your home is safe and secured from any usual house incidents like robbery or fire? That’s what the property management of Aeon Bleu promises to maintain in this community.

All areas in Aeon Bleu are in fact equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras operated and monitored by the security management. Since your condo unit is connected through your access control system, no one can come in without you knowing it. The management will only allow access with your advance notification and approval as well.

Fire alarm and sprinkler systems will also be installed in every floor of the building which will be quickly attended by the personnel in-charge. Blackout is impossible in the property since there will be a reliable power back-up supply ready in case such instances will happen in the city.  


All of these are what one would expect when they invest into a home or a condotel at Aeon Bleu. Live the dream smart and secured here with us!


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