The COVID health scare gives us the chance to emphasize the importance of belonging to a mixed-use integrated community where you can find all your needs. Developers has found solutions on how they can prepare themselves and their communities in case of similar health crisis in the future to by living in the new economy where you get a lifestyle that gives you comfort, convenience and security inside your home, resulting to peace of mind.

Here are the reasons why living in a condo is beneficial:

Access within you reach

Living in a mixed-use development gives easy access to everything you need without having to go out of the property. At Aeon Bleu, you only walk to the corporate tower to dine, visit shops and do grocery or buy medicine. Work peacefully at the co-working spaces at Club Aeon which is just across your condo building. Aeon Bleu is in fact five minutes away to downtown area which makes it accessible to hospitals, business establishments and houses of worship.

Pedestrian-friendly environments

Since there’s only short distances between living, work and commercial destinations in the property, you are able to help the environment by reducing the traffic and pollution since the use of cars would be much less.

Blend of functionality and innovation

The residents can enjoy the benefits of the building that is infused with technology and formidable infrastructure that provide them and their families a desirable lifestyle where they nurture their relationship and a dependable steady investment.

Belonging to any of the projects of Aeon Luxe Properties Inc. like Aeon Bleu not only gives you that comfortable lifestyle that you desire but also the safety you will need when a new crisis arise in the future.